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Public Relations for luxury travel brands

Bask in the light

Golden is a boutique public relations agency devoted to luxury travel. We are passionate about storytelling for brands infused with artistry, creativity and design excellence. Our team is a golden ratio of publicists, writers, designers and digital natives. Together we have decades of experience working with some of the biggest media brands on the planet. Golden is devoted to shining a light on your story. Bask in the glow of taste makers, opinion shapers and media leaders of the highest quality. Find your place in the sun.


Golden stories

The Golden collective is an elite team of media specialists comprising media strategists and content creatives. We have created a trusted network of industry advisors to shape campaigns tailored to your needs and project scale. We are expertly placed to connect you with tastemakers that matter and ignite conversations in circles of influence. Invite us to add gold dust to your story. Our premium services include:

Communications strategy
Media kit creation and distribution
Media planning and pitching
Event creation and management
Media partnership negotiation
Media famil planning and hosting
Luxury brand collaborations
Brand story, design and art direction
Digital content creation
Branded blogs and sponsored articles
Influencer negotiation and management
Photography and video creation
Our values

World class

Gold is a symbol of excellence. It also defines our standard of service. We believe in crafting world class campaigns to build authentic connections and long-lasting relationships. Tenacity is our hallmark: we go above and beyond every time, delivering media outcomes that break records. We put our heart and soul into making noise to move the needle. Invite us to spin your story into gold.

Our values

Art & design

We work best when paired with brands that embrace creativity and style. We relish hotels infused with artistry, luxury lodges centred on design and travel brands inspired by culture. Like our clients, we prioritise the intimate and bespoke. We also believe that design elevates the mind and art feeds the soul.

Our values


We seek out clients that tread lightly on the planet. Our style of luxury is sun kissed and green. Our name reflects our love of golden moments in nature: honey light on sandy beaches; the halcyon glow of a rainforest; an apricot dawn against the ocean. We are passionate about destinations where people and planet unite in harmony. We embrace brands built on conscious creativity and sustainable solutions to reflect our times.


Golden ratio

The agency brings together a unique collective of media experts with over 60 years of media experience who traverse the worlds of travel, art, lifestyle, fashion and design. We have our finger on the pulse of lifestyle trends and an eye to the horizon. Our skills are diverse but our passions unite us. We come together over a shared love of travel and art; style and sustainability; curiosity and creativity: these are the secrets of transformative travel. We also believe they are the nectar of life.


Hallmarks of success

The team behind Golden, and its sister agency The Press Society, have worked with heritage, tourism and arts brands around the globe: names synonymous with excellence and prestige. We bring a wealth of experience in the luxury sector, as well as a coveted list of elite media contacts. We are proud to have worked on campaigns for the following clients:


Glowing praise

Gabrielle Wilson tackles the most challenging projects with aplomb, providing high quality publicity and issues management advice while securing excellent campaign results. Gaby is highly skilled and a delight to work with. She’s organised and thorough with exemplary media contacts. Gaby negotiated media contracts with globally known artists and their managers, secured front page stories and major TV pieces, and managed an array of issues. Each was done with the same level of professionalism. Any event, regardless of size, is in safe hands with Gaby.

Alison LeeDirector of Media, Destination NSW, Vivid Sydney

Gabrielle is a very impressive communications professional. She combines unparalleled cultural and media networks, with her significant talent and experience in the craft of achieving ‘great media coverage’ in both quality and scope. On our projects, she brought passion, creative flair, maturity and drive to the delivery of outstanding outcomes.

Mark GogginDirector, Sydney Living Museums

As a person Gabrielle is principled, generous and full of goodwill. As a publicist, she’s exactly the same. In addition, she's conscientious, well regarded by media and very savvy. She’s the person you want by your side when you’re seeking the spotlight, juggling a hot issue or just chewing through some ideas about how to best approach a journalist. I’d recommend Gaby without hesitation to anyone seeking an excellent PR advisor, a terrific colleague and a downright great person to know.

Imogen CorletteMarketing Communications Manager, ABC Television

Gabrielle is one of the best publicists in the business. Her tenacity, passion and creativity consistently set her apart from the crowd. Time and again, she has crafted innovative media strategies which generated masses of media coverage and more often than not front-page headlines. Gaby is a seasoned PR professional with an enviable contact list. She is also the publicist you can trust to always go above and beyond. We have felt blessed to have as part of our team.

Penny RowlandDirector Marketing, Commercial & Audience Development, The Australian Ballet.

Gabrielle is a delight to work with – without a doubt one of the best publicists I’ve come across. She’s professional, results-driven and 100% committed. She’s also a pleasure to be around and always goes above and beyond. I have no hesitation in recommending her to any organisation.

Tina WalsburgerCommunications Director Edinburgh Festival.

I have worked with Gaby across a range of performances ranging from the niche to the blockbuster and she’s always delivered above and beyond my expectations. Her understanding of the media and her problem-solving attitude has made her an invaluable person to have by your side. In a rapidly changing media landscape, she is fully across the strategies needed to ensure that diverse publications and audiences are engaging with the stories we present.

Amy GoodhewMarketing Manager, Carriageworks

100% committed. Principled, generous and full of goodwill. Unparalleled lifestyle and media networks. Enviable contact list. Passion, creativity and tenacity.

100% committed. Principled, generous and full of goodwill. Unparalleled lifestyle and media networks. Enviable contact list. Passion, creativity and tenacity.

100% committed. Principled, generous and full of goodwill. Unparalleled lifestyle and media networks. Enviable contact list. Passion, creativity and tenacity.

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